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KRK Audio Tools App 2019'

KRK Audio Tools App, for iOS and Android, is a suite of professional tools for monitor tuning including: Spectrum RTA, Level Meter, EQ Recommendation, Monitor Align, Delay and Polarity checker.

Rokit G4 - 2018'

Developed firmware for the new Rokit G4 family. DSP-driven Onboard EQ with graphical LCD for versatility.

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Screen with capacitive multi-touch support for Dj controllers - 2014'

Capacitive multi-touch screen controller for Dj controllers using Deckadance software that let you hide your computer from the stage. Designed for the hard Dj environment and easy integration with hardware controllers.

Deckadance 2 - 2013'

New Dj software design focused in a better user experience and revolutionary new features: Smart knobs, GrossBeat, Isolator FX...

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Digital Dj - 2010'

Customized version of Deckadance software for Magix company with audio identification and music recommendation technology.

Kontrol One - 2008'

The Kontrol One is a professional DJ midi controller designed specifically to enjoy the functionality of the most advanced DJ pro softwares

101 Series - 2008'

Entry level modular controllers with a careful design an affordable prices.

Mixer One - 2008'

A full Dj MIDI mixer with a very good quality.

Deckadance - 2007'

New multi-platform Dj software with cutting edge technology for Image-Line company.

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KDJ 500 - 2003'

First professional Dj MIDI controller in the world. It starts a new era for digital Dj's.

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